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Walimex Daylight komplekts 360 ar softboksu, 80cm


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Daylight-Set 360 with Softbox, Ų 80cm


  • Powerful Continuous Light
    - Uncomplicated type of lighting
    - Cold light source, therefore reduced heat development in studio
    - With 3 environment-friendly 24W bulbs instead of conventional 3x120W
    - Colour temperature: approx. 5400K
    - E27 lamp socket
  • Octagon Softbox Ų 80cm
    - For round and more natural eyesight
    - Quickly opened
    - Incl. front and rear diffuser
  • FT-8051 Lamp Tripod
    - Very sturdy and stable lamp stand
    - Shock absorbers in each section
    - Max. load capacity: approx. 4kg

In photography, it is not so easy to put persons and objects in the right light. With the Daylight 360 this is no problem at all. The Daylight 360 needs much lower power than similar lamp systems (3x24Watt). The Octagon Softbox is the ideal tool for even and soft illumination. With this set, large scale and shadow-free illumination can be taken for granted. Whether portrait or product photography: whenever it is a matter of the most possible glare-proof illumination, this softbox should be used. This set also comprises a lamp tripod FT-8051 which is characterized through its price performance ratio. The maximal height of the tripod is 260cm, the load capacity is approx. 4kg.

Technical specification:

Daylight with Softbox:

  • Diameter Softbox approx. 80cm
  • Output 3x 24W Daylight Spiral Lamp (=360W conventional)
  • Colour Temperature 5400K
  • Socket E27
  • Connection 5/8 inch
  • Total Weight approx. 2,5kg
  • Material metal, plastic, synthetic fibre

Lamp Tripod:

  • Max. height approx. 260cm
  • Min. height approx. 93cm
  • Carrying length approx. 93cm
  • Max. load capacity approx. 4kg
  • Weight approx. 1780g
  • Connection 5/8 inch spigot with 1/4 inch thread
  • Material aluminium, plastic (fasteners)

Daylight Spiral Lamp (Performance data and references as per EG-Regulation Nr. 244/2009 guideline 2005/32/EG

  • Socket E27
  • Nominal/ Rated wattage 24W
  • Nominal voltage 220-240V / 50-60Hz / 80mA
  • Number of switching cycles before parmanent lamp failure >10000
  • Nominal lifetime 6000h
  • Color temperature 5400K
  • Rated warm-up time (60%) 0,6s
  • Dimmable no
  • imensions approx. l 150mm, Ų 50mm
  • Content of mercury <3mg
  • Nominal/ Rated luminous flux 1300lm
  • Lumen main. fact. at end of nominal lifetime > 50%
  • Starting time 0,1s
  • Color rendering index Ra 81

Included in delivery:

  • 1x walimex Daylight 360 with Octagon Softbox Ų80cm, 3x 24W Daylight Spiral Lamps, front and rear diffuser, an power cable
  • 1x walimex FT-8051 Lamp Tripod 260cm, with convenient carrying bag

Exchange of Daylight Spiral Lamps:
Daylight Spiral Lamps necessarily should be replaced with bulbs of the same power (W). The electrical power consumption must not be higher (fire hazard).


Special purpose lamp (photo / studio stamp) - not suitable for household room illumination.

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