Samsung Galaxy S10+ (128GB) prism zaļš

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Speciāli pasūtāma prece
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Ten years Galaxy experience are + flowed into the development of the Galaxy S10 - and it shows not only, you can feel it too. For the first time, there is the back side of resistant ceramic. Its smooth surface and the special nature give a compelling value. Behind the & nbsp; color intensive display InfinityO infected with the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner part of the future that inspires. The Galaxy S10 + intelligent. It learns. It shares. And it's made for it to be for each day the perfect companion. With the help of artificial intelligence and a variety of personalization options it adapts to its users. In short, a smartphone full evolution, made today for tomorrow .

ceramic Back: Premium Fish for the senses
. with its back made of high quality ceramic, the Galaxy S10 + has that little bit extra. The material is the first time in a Samsung smartphone use and stands for elegance, design and durability. The high-quality processed ceramic surface not only impressed by their look and feel, it is also durable and scratch resistant. The colors Ceramic White and Black Ceramic available round the elegant appearance of the Galaxy S10 + from.

infinity O display: a boundless experience
. On the infinity O display of the Galaxy S10 + Dynamic AMOLED technology, to photos and movies can be experienced impressive. The nearly
frameless design allows the viewer an impressive multimedia experience in 19: 9 format. By HDR10 + Dynamic Tone Mapping can
Scene brightness levels as adjusted and color-image scenes and are reproduced in contrast. Even in direct sunlight can be
even the tiniest details, such as clouds
on a bright sky, thanks to automatic adaptation to the ambient lighting conditions clearly represent. To prevent eyestrain, the display automatically filters up to 41% blue light out and the
without loss of the natural hue.

ultrasonic fingerprint scanner: thoughtful Security
. For high security and comfort of the & nbsp provides, ultrasonic fingerprint scanner in a smartphone. Thanks to its positioning in the display, the Galaxy S10 + conveniently unlock by placing the finger in every situation allows. Even with sweat, moisture or extreme temperature fluctuations are the & nbsp; sensors to detect the fingerprint quickly and safely able .

Smart Camera: professionally equipped
. It is almost impossible to capture scenes as beautiful as she captured our eye. But with the Galaxy S10 + succeed Photos amazingly realistic. For this, the triple main camera and the dual front camera provide through its various lenses and editing options. The & nbsp; Main Camera & consists nbsp; from a telephoto, wide-angle and ultra wide-angle lens together. The latter has an extremely wide viewing angle of 123 degrees and can therefore panoramas almost as good as the human eye to catch. The dual front camera with two lenses puts its users in the limelight and captures video in UHD resolution. And for those who do not get enough of great shots, the Galaxy S10 + with either 512GB or 1TB of internal storage provides plenty of space.

Smart Camera functions: for the moment set
. Professional recordings can be captured by itself, because at the appropriate camera setting, the Galaxy S10 + by itself cares. The automatic scene optimization can recognize 30 different designs, customize colors and recommend recording effects, while recording a proposal indicating an optimal firing position. Using AI technology, the Galaxy S10 + the subject can be effected using about Mallorca analyze 200 million photo examples - and enter the appropriate recommendation for a perfect recording. The live-focus effects can move people in the foreground, while the background is blurred by different modes. Closed eyes, unwanted blur, dirty lens or backlight can be automatically detected and the user will be informed by a note. The Night
Shot function also allows even in the dark detailed images with realistic colors. To this end, a series of images is combined to obtain an impressive result. Shots like the professional are as good as guaranteed.

Professional video recording: ready for the big screen
. With the Galaxy S10 + is impressive videos can be created. HDR10 + and Dynamic Tone Mapping make each scene incredibly alive and fit the recording on to the smallest detail. With the Action Cam video stabilization, high-definition video can be recorded even in an extremely wide viewing angle with almost no jerky movements. Impressive video recordings also allows the super slow-mo with
960 frames per second. Here is the video recording time has been doubled in HD resolution 1 .

Moving AR emoji for the personal touch
. Who the wide range of regular emoji is not enough, you will love the self-designed AR emoji. With the help of facial and body tracking movements, eyes and tongue of the user are registered and transferred to the 3D avatar, so that they appear more expressive, unique and realistic than previous Galaxy models. To offer Emoji Stickers several ways to personalize and many backgrounds against which the 3D avatar can be staged, whether they are virtual or real.

Wireless Power Share: So you shares today
. Ready to share power? It makes sense - with Wireless Power Share, which revolutionized the smartphone charging. Thanks to the built-in loading area
under the rear panel can be with the Galaxy S10 + own battery charge to other compatible devices & nbsp; transmit wirelessly 2 : Just a compatible device central + hang on the back of the Galaxy S10, you can already the source of energy in the emergency & nbsp; are. even two compatible devices via Dual Charging other hand, can be loaded at once. For this, the Galaxy S10 + charge on the included charging cable and a second compatible smartphone, a Samsung Smart Watch or alternatively the Galaxy Buds + position on the back of the Galaxy S10 and so the same with charge.

Intelligent battery management: Thrift be learned
. The Galaxy S10 + never stop learning: On intelligently it detects patterns in user behavior and adjusts power consumption based on those. The screen brightness is automatically adjusted to the environment and time, longer unused apps are closed, functions disabled and the power saving mode automatically activated as soon as it is necessary. In addition, the perennial battery with 4100 mAh provides enough energy to make the Galaxy S10 + a reliable companion for the day.

  • Display Size: 16.35 cm / 6.4 "
  • Dynamic AMOLED dual edge display
  • Resolution: 3040 x 1440
  • ultrasonic fingerprint scanner on the display
  • Selfie Camera
    • 10 MP Wide
    • 8 MP for bokeh effect
    • front camera for bokeh effect
    • Main camera:
      • 12 MP telephoto lens
      • 12 & nbsp; MP wide-angle lens
      • 16MP ultra-wide angle lens
      • Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, NFC GPS, GLONASS, USB 3.1 Gen. 1, ANT +, Bleutooth 5.0
      • 3.5 mm headphone jack
      • Hybrid-SIM function
      • IP68 certification
      • Battery: & nbsp; 4100 mAh
      • Internal Memory: 512 GB
      • RAM: 8 GB
      • Memory Expansion: microSD up to 512 GB

        1 & nbsp; Super Slow-Mo only supports HD (720p) resolution. Maximum recording time around 0.4 seconds (at a video recording at 960 frames per second) and 0.8 seconds (at a video recording at 480 frames per second). Recording then automatically ends

        2 & nbsp; only possible with a battery level of over 30%, except Dual Charging.

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